Amazing Frog?

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Amazing Frog? review

Amazing Frog? is a fun parkour game with intentionally awkward physics and random gameplay mechanics. You can play alone or on a split-screen with your friends.

Gameplay: Physics Sandbox Environment 10/10

Amazing Frog? is a game where you should have fun. There is no other point in the game, even though you can complete missions. The developers regularly add new features and make the sandbox world more interactive. You should set your own challenges

As an adventurous frog, you can shoot yourself out of a cannon, slam dunk a basketball, and find Tardis from Dr. Who. You have absolutely no idea what will happen, and that's the point. If you get bored, you can explore the sewers and search for a giant snowman.

Graphics: Old-Fashioned Visuals 8/10

Graphic-wise, the game looks like a PS2 title. Graphics aren't important here, and we don't think that visuals are a setback. Simplified graphics are a part of the charm that make Amazing Frog? more comical and iconic. The developers didn't gun for a serious approach and marketed the game as crazy experience.

The only drawback of this simple game is the lack of music. We'd like to have some soundtrack or a background song. Instead, we have the sound of slapping feet.

Lasting Appeal: Hours of Fun 8/10

You can find a lot of YouTube videos where people have lots of fun playing Amazing Frog? There is a versus mode where you can shoot other frogs or fight for control of a trophy. There is also a fun Last Man Standing mode that can keep you busy for hours.

Controls: Clumsy Platforming 8/10

The frog sticks to walls, and since you can't control it that much, platforming becomes a real challenge. Sometimes it feels like we're kicking a dead frog. You press one button, and the frog skyrockets into the air only to splat on the ground. If you hold Jump, you can blow up cars and other objects.

Conclusion: Amazingly Imperfect

Amazing Frog? is a game where you will glitch into walls and be overwhelmed by awkward mechanics. It's ridiculous and fun, which is enough to let you make any objectives. You can collect all the TV sets, play basketball with your friends or shoot other frogs.


  • Hilarious open-world game
  • Lots of hidden mechanics
  • Supports local multiplayer


  • Only one map
  • Broken controls

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 8

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