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Amazon Alexa review

Amazon Alexa is an app that's often associated with Amazon's services. However, this helpful tool is available on many other platforms. The app puts you and your needs front and center.

Interface: Gives Personalized Suggestions 10/10

In 2020, Amazon rolled out a new interface that's based on what you are using the most. The Alexa button can be found on the top of the screen. Press it to talk to your voice assistant. If you launch the app for the first time, you will see suggestions and helpful tips for how to get started.

Tap the More button to access options like Routines, Lists and Notes, and Reminders. The new interface delivers easier access to the main features of Amazon Alexa. Go to Settings to review your smart devices, change time zones, adjust preferences, and more.

Features: Changes According To Your Needs 10/10

Amazon Alexa concentrates on the personalized experience and regularly updates your home screen. You will receive helpful hints and tips on how to use your assistant. The focus is on how you use the app and your smart devices.

Amazon Alexa performs certain actions under specific circumstances. For example, it can turn up the thermostat when you open the front door. In addition to these actions, the app can integrate with third-party services. For example, you can get local weather updates from Big Sky.

Usability: Easy To Issue Commands 8/10

Amazon Alexa makes it easy to get to recent commands and lets you pick up from where you left off on whatever you were doing. The company regularly launches new devices and achieves new records while competing with other virtual assistants.

Compatibility: Download From Three App Stores 7/10

You can download the app from Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and Apple Appstore. A web version also works on Amazon Dot, Echo, and Echo Show. The interface is the same across all devices and lets you install skills, view shopping lists, manage notifications, and much more.

Conclusion: Helpful Virtual Assistant

Amazon Alexa is a popular voice assistant that you can use to control all smart devices. It is compatible with third-party services that use voice recognition. It brings helpful features to many iOS and Android devices.


  • Answers only factual questions
  • Can't do many tasks simultaneously


  • Hundreds of Alexa Skills
  • Makes your home smarter
  • Convenient reminders and alarms
  • Hands-free voice control

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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