Top 10 Funniest Glitches in Video Games

Bugs. They’ve been a reason for laughter and furious anger since the first video game release in history. Glitches may appear in games of any size independently from the professionalism of the developers who make and test them. Absolutely every game has at list one glitch that went unnoticed. In this article, we’ll share a bunch of the funniest games with glitches. 

10. GTA: San Andreas – The Madd Dogg Mission

GTA: SA Pedestrian Riot mod makes all characters and NPCs go mad and kill each other for nothing. The bug may fail your entire progress as it makes Madd Dogg jump off the roof. This makes the mission impossible to complete. Even if you turn the mod off, the game remains broken. The main punch is that the caption “Save Madd Dogg before he jumps” appears only after he dies. 

9. Rocky – Creepy Faces

Surprisingly the 2002 Rocky for PS2 was warmly received by critics. Perhaps, they’ve enjoyed the enormous amount of bugs in the game. But the most remarkable of them is the animation mismatch that made the faces of the characters look terrifying. 

8. Marvel’s The Avengers

Once there was an error that made the character fall through the ground. Sometimes, the autosave feature saved the game right there, which made the game impossible to play anymore. This bug was fixed, but some characters still can start falling without falling! They stand on the ground and act as if they were falling, and it really deserves attention! 

7. Duck Hunt – Creept Kill Screen

This classic NES game has 100 levels, but developers decided not to develop it as they thought no one would reach it! Well, some players did, and it was one of the scariest moments in their lives. The screen began to glitch with ducks, and the dog started to laugh at you, making it impossible to quit the game without restarting the console. 

6. WWE 2K20

It’s incredibly easy to bug out this game. You can just start playing it, and it will begin to wrecking your mind and the entire gameplay. If you catch a single bug, it activates an endless chain reaction that crashes the entire game. You definitely shouldn’t purchase it, but a couple of minutes on YouTube will make your day! 

5. The Sims 4 – Monster Babies

Sometimes, your characters may give birth to monstrous babies that have creepy arms and eyes that bounce out of sockets. It’s really awkward and fun to watch how characters treat these monsters! 

Sims 4 Character holding a glitched baby

4. RDR – People = Animals 

Playing RDR, you can occasionally meet people who behave like animals. Some fly like birds, while others run around like cougars. That’s beautiful!

3. Mount & Blade – Warband's Face Instead of Sky

The ugly face skin of Warband can stretch all over the sky with an open mouth. The thing looks totally creepy but hilarious at the same time. The game remains playable, though, and you’re unlikely to forget it. Ever. 

2. Skyrim – Tons of Fun

Here you will see dragons flying backwards, erratically flying horses, and many more. But the funniest bug is when giants send you to the sky in a single hit of a club. If you don’t want to fly a few hundred meters, just avoid these guys. 

1. LOTR Online – Riding Chairs

Sit on a chair, let all players in the team click ‘follow’ and go! The chairs will follow the entire team, which is one of the most hilarious glitches in the entire game history. It’s hard to explain why it makes people laugh so much, so just watch it yourself. 

More Bugs? 

Despite the fact that bugs are failures, they can be extremely hilarious. We did our best to gather all these glitches for you, but there are so many games that we could miss something else. Do you know at least one more funny game glitch? You’re welcome to add them in the comments. And, hey, don’t forget to share the fun with your friends! 

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