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Google Home review

Google Home is a tool that lets you manage your smart devices. You can turn on and off lights, speakers, thermostats, and more from one place.

Interface: Know What Your Home Is Doing 10/10

The main idea of Google Home is to make sure you know what's going on with your smart devices. The first tab, called Home View, keeps all devices in one place. The main page also features Quick Actions. Depending on what devices you have, you will see different actions. For example, if you own a thermostat, you will see a tiny thermostat icon.

If you tap on a thermostat icon, you will see its current temperature and be able to change it. It will form a Quick Action that you can use to heat or cool the device.

Features: Lots of Different Functions 8/10

There are so many different things the app can do, but its features are hard to track down. Open the Discover tab to see a random selection of third-party apps along with tips for using these devices. The app will also show you guides for using the Google Assistant.

Google Home lets you set up your smart home automation technology. You can use it to manage and organize TVs, cameras and more. All device settings are accessible from one place. Each icon in the app acts as a control button.

Usability: Essential Part of Your Smart Home Setup 10/10

Google Home is a must-have for every house with smart devices. It helps you find apps, stay in touch with your physical Google Home device, and customize everything. Tapping on-device menus will bring up device controls. It's the main hub that acts as a suggestion screen.

Compatibility: On All Popular Platforms 10/10

To use Google Home, you need an iOS or Android device, a Google account, and a WiFi connection. If you have devices that support Chromecast, you will also benefit from the app. All you need to do in order to play songs or launch Netflix is to say a wake-up phrase.

Conclusion: The Best Smart Home Control Centre

Google Home acts as a personal assistant and a home control centre. Use voice commands to interact with the app and manage everyday tasks. To learn all commands and actions, go to the Explore menu in the app.


  • Non-customizable launch phrase
  • Lacks customer support


  • Gives factual responses
  • Hands-free calling
  • Cast video to smart TVs
  • Gives step-by-step instructions

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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