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ClassDojo review

ClassDojo is a tool that education providers, parents, and children can use to facilitate learning. All participants can share photos, videos, messages, and assignments. The app has a smart reward system to motivate students to work harder.

Interface: Creating Digital Portfolios 10/10

Teachers create student portfolios in ClassDojo that can be used to share homework and classwork with classmates and parents. These portfolios can be accessed using any iOS and Android devices. Teachers work with three big sections within the app. The Classroom section features student points and attendance reports.

The Class Story section is a place for photos and messages that everyone can read. The Messages section lets teachers send messages to parents. ClassDojo notifies teachers when they receive a new message or when someone signs up to join the class.

Features: Monitor Your Child's Activity 9/10

Parents need to sign up to see how their children are doing at school. ClassDojo updates classroom information daily and highlights key events. It notifies parents when their children receive or lose points. Points can be given to encourage children to participate in classroom work.

Good behaviors are also awarded points. When parents have a question, they can communicate with children on matters pertaining to, such as school events and announcements. One-on-one contact is also possible during a teacher's work hours.

Usability: Promote Positive Behaviors 9/10

Only users registered at the school can use ClassDojo. Participants receive an email that will let them join the class. Teachers can use the app to promote positive behaviors, manage student portfolios, check homework, and much more. Each child gets an avatar and collects points for teamwork, homework, staying on task, and more.

Compatibility: On All Mobile Devices 10/10

ClassDojo can be used on most platforms, even though the developers recommend iOS and Android devices. All participants should download the same version of the app. It's free to use and has no in-app purchases.

Conclusion: Interactive Classroom Environment

ClassDojo creates an interactive classroom environment to help parents and teachers monitor how students are doing. In the US, most schools use this app to keep parents up to date with their child's progress.


  • Can shame students
  • Points give the wrong motivation


  • Available to all education providers
  • Cultivates relationships with parents
  • Track student behavior
  • Adds a reward system

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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