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Facebook Lite
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Facebook Lite review

Facebook Lite is an app created for older phones and low-speed internet connections. It's a simplified version of a Facebook app that can be a great alternative to other messaging tools.

Interface: Only Basic Tabs 8/10

Facebook Lite features a completely redesigned interface made to work on slow phones. It uses less data by not processing long videos and HD photos. You have 6 main tabs that you need to tap to access messages, videos, settings, and so on.

The main menu and the search bar occupy the top of the screen. You will see small texts and tiny icons that should work on devices with low-res screens. The interface looks dated with its gray background, but it fulfills its purpose.

Features: Almost Like a Regular App 7/10

Facebook Lite has almost all features of a standard Facebook app. You can scroll, like, comment, and add friends. The app gets updated regularly with new features that Facebook adds. For example, you can browse Stories and Reactions.

Facebook Lite takes up almost 95% less storage space than the regular app. According to the developers, it can save over 50% of battery power compared to other social network apps. Thanks to reduced usage of system resources, Facebook Lite runs smoothly and loads quickly.

Usability: Helpful For People with Older Phones 10/10

Facebook Lite can be downloaded in a second. You can also remove files through the app yourself; this feature isn't available on the standard Facebook app. With an APK of 1 megabyte in size, Facebook Lite is meant for people in rural areas with older phones.

Compatibility: Works On All Platform 8/10

Facebook Lite can be found on iOS, Android, and even KaiOS devices. The latter is the OS developed by an Indian company. If you already have a Facebook account, you just need to type your username and click the blue button. If not, you will have to create a new account.

Conclusion: Access All Basic Features

Facebook Lite has all the basic features of a regular app but weighs much less and downloads faster. It can save photos to a specific album, browse local events, follow other people, and more. Its simplistic interface is perfect for old smartphones.


  • Feels dated
  • Tiny buttons


  • Fast loading times
  • Simplified version of Facebook
  • Requires less data
  • Works with slow WiFi

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 7

Security 10

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