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Fortnite review

Fortnight is an MMO game where 100 players try to survive on an always-shrinking map. This is not a game about strategic thinking. Instead, it's packed with action and fun moments. Over 125 million people play Fortnite.

Gameplay: Addictive and Fun 10/10

At the beginning of each match, you only have an axe. You must find weapons and materials while avoiding being killed. As less and less players stay alive, the map gets smaller. Notifications constantly appear on the screen detailing how another player was eliminated. You can play the game for free after creating an Epic Games account.

Fortnite is about survival, and you must defeat all other players in order to win. Every player is pressured to survive and avoid being caught by the storm. This element adds a touch of urgency. Besides, there are countdowns to when the map is going to shrink.

Graphics: Colorful and Childish 8/10

With its colorful and childish graphics, Fortnite is trying to appeal to kids. You can also buy dinosaur costumes and different skins. Characters in the game can dance to amuse others. Many dances are inspired by real-life moves.

While graphics on mobile aren't at the same level as on consoles, the game is pleasant to look at. However, the graphics are tuned down on Android devices. iOS users can enjoy prettier visuals and better FPS rates. The game performance didn't take a hit, even though the map is filled with 100 players.

Lasting Appeal: Infinite Replayability 10/10

Fortnite is easy to understand but impossible to beat. You can't respawn after death, but you can immediately join another match. There is no sense of defeat but a strong feeling of winning. There is only one map, but no game is ever the same. Taking out the competition is always fun.

Controls: On-Screen Joystick 6/10

You control your character by using a virtual joystick with small buttons and icons. The icons are for firing guns, jumping, and building. People with smaller displays are at a disadvantage because their thumb covers a big part of the screen. Running and shooting at the same time is really hard.

Conclusion: Never Ending Fun

Fortnite offers fast and addictive gameplay. New gadgets and weapons show up regularly for a limited period of time. You will always have a new experience if you're suffering from fatigue with the one-versus-another mechanic. You can also play a 50vs50 all-out war mode and team up with your friends.


  • Updates keep the game fresh
  • Fast-paced matches
  • Cute visuals
  • Play with your friends


  • Smartphones heat up
  • Inaccurate controls

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 6

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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