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Gacha Life review

Gacha Life is a game about creativity and exploration. Its characters, animations, pictures, and movies have millions of views. The interesting thing is that the content is made by kids.

Gameplay: Hero Collector Game 6/10

In Gacha Life, you need to collect cute characters by unlocking, buying, or obtaining them. Players can make short videos with available tools and show off their creations. The focus is on customization, there are no traditional gameplay mechanics.

New users can have a hard time navigating around the game because there is no tutorial. You will also need to restore stamina and obtain virtual currency to create new characters and animations. If you don't want to spend real money, things can get very slow.

Graphics: Appealing to Children 10/10

The developers offer presets for new players to experiment with. The first thing you need to do is to dress them up. There are almost 600 presets to experiment with and an unlimited amount of user-generated characters.

By talking to other characters, you will establish friendships. When your stamina is low, you need to spend gems on restoring it. Everything is very cartoony and innocent. Kids are encouraged to gift other people cute items such as shirts and accessories.

Lasting Appeal: Unlimited Creativity 7/10

You can explore different maps, talk to NPCs, and collect achievements. The game concentrates on creating content and publishing stories and animations online. It creates a safe environment for children to experiment with in-game assets. Of course, it can go wrong with the explicit content, but it's mostly beneficial for kids.

Controls: Tap and Click On Circles 8/10

You should tap and click on blue circles with directional arrows to move through areas and tap an NPC to talk to them. In the Status tab, you will find all characters you've talked to with their names and relationship levels. If you're level 10 with a character, you can teleport to their location. By tapping the Travel button, you will open a map with all locations.

Conclusion: Create Cute Characters

It's not the game's fault that players use it to create explicit content. At its core, Gacha Life is a fun game with multiple ways to create animated characters and features. Players can express their creativity and share their characters with others.


  • Largest character customization tools
  • Promotes creativity
  • Cute and colorful characters
  • Free to play


  • Be cautious of explicit content
  • No clear purpose

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 8

Gameplay 6

Lasting Appeal 7

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