Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor is a game where you're being stalked by a crazy neighbor. Play against a smart AI that self-learns sets trap and adapt to your moves. If you aren't scared, try to find out your neighbor's secrets.

Gameplay: Mysterious Stealth Mechanics 8/10

You play as a child in a Tim Burton-inspired neighborhood. You should track down your crazy neighbor. You get into his mansion only to find a mysterious entity accommodating it. From here, you start playing a survival horror game and try to run away from the neighbor.

Hello Neighbor is divided into three levels plus a final act. You play in a first-person mode and aim at items to interact with them. You can use, throw, and hold items (e.g., throw a rock through a window to break it). You can also keep four items in your inventory.

Graphics: Fantastic and Ridiculous Visuals 10/10

The first act features a little house, but the game builds into something bigger with surrealistic and ridiculous visuals. Each act is a puzzle, and you don't get any instructions on goals. It's your job to find things that should be done. There are doors that need keys, valves, and switches. You could spend hours looking for some items.

Even though it's a horror game, it's not that scary. The first chase can spook you out, but then the scariness disappears.

Lasting Appeal: Four Levels to Explore 5/10

Getting through the first level is a challenge, but then the game improves a little bit. You can explore a big house while staying away from the neighbor. Your task is to try to interact with every object you can find in the game. Something will work. Sometimes we didn't even know what we did to progress.

Controls: Clunky 3/10

The game's biggest problem is its controls. You should tap on items to interact with them, but it's hit-and-miss whether it really works. Sometimes you need to find the right angle before you can interact with an item. In a game where time is important, clunky controls can be really annoying.

Conclusion: Random but Fun

You play against a crazy neighbor that wants to catch you. However, the game would be better if it told you about your goals. Some puzzles are very random and take hours. Still, the concept is unique, and it can be really fun to discover your neighbor's secrets.


  • Every item can be used
  • The AI is learning
  • Fantastic levels


  • Every level feels unwieldy
  • Getting caught leaves no consequences
  • You need a guide

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 3

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 5

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