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ROBLOX review

ROBLOX is a game where people (mostly children) create and share their little games. Roblox doesn't limit your imagination and just offers tools to generate 3D games.

Gameplay: Unlimited Possibilities 10/10

According to the developers, the game has almost 100 million active players every month who build theme parks, become superheroes or racers, or just have fun with friends. You can install it for free on almost any device. However, the game has a virtual currency that you can buy for real money.

The game asks you to create an account and have a good WiFi connection. Then you can customize your character and create everything you've dreamed of. There are millions of worlds for you to explore made by 4 million creators.

If technology is your thing, you can use a Roblox Studio development engine to create more complex games. Tech-savvy users can use Lua-based scripting to make masterpieces.

Graphics: Aesthetically Pleasing 10/10

Lua allows you to make beautiful games with quite a bit of interactivity. Some games look aesthetically pleasing, while others concentrate on fun and action. The developers verify content and ban profanity, but you can still find mature themes. Therefore, if your child plays Roblox, you should review the game on a case by case basis.

Lasting Appeal: Open-Ended Game 10/10

Roblox doesn't have an ultimate goal, but it offers thousands of hours of user-generated content. You can browse through player-submitted worlds and join the community of like-minded people. Roblox is ultimately a multi-genre game. There are life simulators, platformers, horrors, and everything in between.

Controls: Customize Your Controls 10/10

You can customize game controls, and the game offers control schemes for both mobile and PC versions of Roblox. You can move your character around by taping a target area. The jump button sits in the low-right corner of the screen. You can use a Report Abuse system to report inappropriate behaviors.

Conclusion: Perfect for Children

Everyone can play Roblox, but children can have extra fun with it. With an emphasis on interactivity and content creation, there is an unlimited number of games to play. If you face bullying or other inappropriate behavior, there are systems in place to report these issues.


  • Fun multiplayer mechanics
  • Reveal your imagination
  • Share your games with others
  • Browse millions of worlds.


  • Privileges for paid users
  • Can't permanently delete an account

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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