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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game where you and 6 other players try to unveil your neighbor's secrets. If you love cat and mouse games, you should look no further.

Gameplay: Unique Social Horror 10/10

One of the players is always a neighbor. This person should gain the trust of others and kill them. This concept is known as Social Horror, and there are not that many games like Secret Neighbor. You should detect suspicious behavior and be ready to protect yourself. The neighbor can set traps and kill other players.

Others should find keys to the basement and escape through the door. Everyone should work in a team because you're never sure who could betray you. If you stay alone, the neighbor will attack you.

Graphics: Dark and Spooky House 8/10

We think that the game looks good with its Disney-inspired graphics and dark, spooky atmosphere. The visuals are simple but enjoyable. This is exactly what we would expect from a game aimed at children. Music adds to the whole experience with random tunes and scary melodies. When you play the game, you feel that a predator is among you, and you're in danger.

Lasting Appeal: Lacking Variation 6/10

Secret Neighbor has one level to beat, and the lack of variation may force some people to drop the game quickly. Sure, you can interact with other players and objects, and the house has some interesting rooms to discover, but it's not enough. There are matchmaking issues as well, so we would recommend playing with friends.

Controls: Controlled By Gestures 8/10

Secret Neighbor is a third-person stealth game, but it doesn't play like comparable titles. It's controlled by gestures. You should tap in the desired direction to move through the house. Even though the controls are very basic, there is quite a lot of exploration.

Conclusion: Fun but Repetitive

Secret Neighbor can be fun when you play with friends, but it's also repetitive and predictable. It needs more content and perhaps more core mechanics. At the moment, there isn't enough gameplay to keep you entertained.


  • Build trust with others
  • Rely on your deductive skills
  • Moody house to explore
  • Music adds to the atmosphere


  • Repetitive goals
  • Too many glitches

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 6

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