Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic
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Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic review

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic is an app that gives you the best route for your destination and updates it according to road disturbances. Waze is owned by Google that constantly changes the app and adds new features.

Interface: Highly Customizable 8/10

The main purpose of Waze is to show you the best route to your destination. You should select your ride (taxi, car, or bike) and follow voice instructions while driving. The app supports many languages, and you can control the volume of voice commands.

Enter your destination in the search bar or click on a map to start driving. The app does the math and calculates the total distance, including possible stops (e.g., gas stations). It will also notify you in advance about possible disruptions.

Features: Crowd-Sourced Navigation App 8/10

When Google purchased Waze in 2013, it wanted to create a community-based GPS navigation app with unique features. Waze has developed into a unique tool that alerts drivers of police activity and road hazards. It helps you complete your route as fast as possible in current road conditions.

Waze can interact with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as third-party music streaming services, such as Spotify. The app is free to use, but it bombards you with ads.

Usability: Requires an Active Community 6/10

Waze is only useful in areas with an active community because drivers create maps and update data. Waze users should report traffic jams, accidents, and police traps to improve the service. If there are enough active users, everyone will receive real-time traffic updates.

Compatibility: Supports Many Platforms 7/10

Users with Android devices, iPhones, and even BlackBerry 10 can download Waze. However, the app doesn't support a fully native UI on older phones. It works on some Windows phones, but users report glitches and crashes.

Conclusion: Get Where You Want Faster

Waze is an app for people who want to get where they want faster. It is a must-have for every taxi driver. Besides, you can add friends and keep track of each other's routes. It drains the battery a bit but saves your sanity.


  • Drains the battery
  • Cluttered map layout


  • Active community
  • Shows the fastest route
  • Notifies about accidents
  • Fast loading speed

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 6

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Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

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